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Nowhere Festival, Nga Taonga Sound & Vision, 13/11/14.














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An album I made with Skeletons Out.






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[JANUARY 2014]
Bandcamp Page: New Bandcamp page featuring old ES and new RF sounds, including digital audio files of releases that have, until now, only been available on vinyl. Over the coming months I'll be uploading as many of the early lathe-cut records as I can find the masters for.

[SEPT/OCT 2013]
Residency & Tour:
11 September - 4 October residency at Kunstlerhauser Worpswede, Germany
17 September: Richard Francis, Schrein, Sleavy Pictures of Teapee @ K'Strich Zentrum Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen
4 October: Richard Francis, Robert Curegenven, Istanpool @ Vroom, Rotterdam
13 October: Richard Francis, Robert Curegenven @ Cave 12, Geneva
15 October: Richard Francis, KK Null & The Noiser, SEC_ & Olivier Di Placido @ Fragment, Metz
19 October: Richard Francis, Alok/Shelf Index/Sin:Ned @ Noise to Signal, Hong Kong

[MAY 2013]
Concert: Collaborative set with Bruce Russell as part of Sound Bleed (5th Auckland Triennial, St Paul St & Audio Foundation).

[APRIL 2013]
New Release: Richard Francis 'Waste Away / Nun's Murmer' lathe cut 7 inch published by CMR (sold out).

[JANUARY 2013]
Touch Radio 89: Richard Francis / Rosy Parlane / Rachel Shearer 'Live at The Audio Foundation, Auckland, New Zealand, August 11th 2012', recorded at the Now! Here! Festival to celebrate the launch of the book 'Erewhon Calling: Experimental Sound in New Zealand'. Listen here.

New Release: Anla Courtis & Richard Francis 'Aucklantida' C40 published by Robert & Leopold (USA), read about and buy here.

[OCTOBER 2012]
New Release: Richard Francis / Jason Kahn / Bruce Russell 'Dunedin' CD published by CMR (New Zealand), read about and buy here.

[OCTOBER 2012]
New Release & Review: Richard Francis 'Warmth' CD published by CMR (New Zealand), also a nice review in Vital Weekly #849 (The Netherlands)

New Release & Review: Mattin & Richard Francis 'Lisa Says' LP published by Aufabwegen (Germany), also a nice review in Vital Weekly #852 (The Netherlands)

Residency & Tour
10-15 September residency at WORM (Rotterdam)
12 September Richard Francis @ Villa K, Den Hague, 8pm
18 September IMA_experiments #1: Richard Francis, Marc Behrens at Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe, 8pm
21 September: Gerauschwelten #65: Richard Francis, Machinefabriek, Xavier Charles at Black Box, Muenster, 8pm
29 September: Richard Francis & Tetuzi Akiyama, Soup, Tokyo, 8pm

[11 AUGUST 2012]
Concert: Collaborative set Richard Francis, Rachel Shearer & Rosy Parlane @ AFHQ as part of the Now! Here! Festival

[JUNE 2012]
Reviews: Some nice reviews of the Richard Francis & Bruce Russell 'Garage Music' collaborative CD from Foxy Digitalis, Vital Weekly, Volcanic Tongue and Chain D.L.K.

[23 JULY 2011]
Solo Concert: A 60-min live piece entitled 'Familiars' in response to Dane Mitchell's show 'Radiant Matter III' at Artspace, Auckland

New Release: Richard Francis 'Talking Machines' C-30 released on Banned Productions (USA). Read about and buy here.

New Release: Richard Francis 'Acid Songs' C-26 released on Dungeon Taxis(NZ/USA). My first cassette release since 2001. Read about and buy here.

[11 MAY 2012]
Solo Concert
#1 Audio Foundation Listening Series, AFHQ, Auckland

[28 AUGUST 2011]
Interpretation of a graphic score by Phil Dadson as part of his show 'MUSIC in the EYE' at the Audio Foundation Hub, Auckland

[8-29 APRIL 2011]
FAX at St Paul Street Gallery, AUT University

[21 MARCH 2011]
Collaborative concert
'1000' (Richard Francis & Clinton Watkins) at ELAM School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland

[28-30 JANUARY 2011]
Solo and collaborative concerts with Jason Kahn
28 Januray Dunedin Public Art Gallery
29 January HSP, Christchurch
30 January Adam Art Gallery, Wellington

Podcast: Podcast prepared by Dmitry Vasilyev from the record label Monochrome Vision on my sound work (featuring early Eso Steel through to curent work), with voice over in Russian.

[OCTOBER 2010]
New release – 1000–One Step Further From Birth–LP
Lathe cut LP by 1000 (Richard Francis and Clinton Watkins)

Interview – by Peter Henning with Richard Francis,
published in Swedish zine Med Orat Mot Marken

[JULY 2010]
Solo concerts –
8 July–Richard Francis at Issue Project Room, New York
15 July–Richard Francis at Fotofono, New York

[1 APRIL 2010]
Solo concert – Richard Francis–Osage Soho, Hong Kong + Tetragammon [JP]

New Release –
' The Year 25 - 25 Years of Korm Plastics' Cassette
25th anniversary compliation celebrating Korm Plastics, 25 artists, 250 copies

[9 FEBRUARY 2011]
Collaborative Concert
Richard Francis & Anla Courtis –Wine Cellar, Auckland
+ Clinton Watkins and Phil Dadson

[16 DECEMBER 2010]
Collaborative Concert
1000 (Richard Francis & Clinton Watkins) – The High Seas, Auckland + Nest (Andrew Scott & Nigel Wright), Yek Koo, Recuerde

[25 APRIL - 20 JUNE 2010]
Sound Installation
Wall of Sound, Te Tuhi Centre for the Arts

[6 FEBRUARY 2010]
Solo and collaborative concert
Bruce Russell & Richard Francis
Book launch for 'Left Handed Blows: Writing on Sound 1993-2009' by Bruce Russell, The High Seas, Auckland

[28 JANUARY 2010]
Collaborative concert
Richard Francis & Clinton Watkins–Alleluyah Cafe, Auckland
+ Nomex [UK], Duncan Bruce, Beard & Tumour

[18 DECEMBER 2009]
Solo concert
Richard Francis–The High Seas, Auckland
+ Jeff Burch [Aus] and Cathedrals [Nigel Wright and Tim Coster]

[6 & 7 OCTOBER 2009]
Solo & collaborative concerts
Ilios & Richard Francis–6 October–Sky Bear Cuddle Den, Auckland
Richard Francis–7 October–Alt Music, Auckland

[3 JULY 2009]
New Release
Jason Kahn & Richard Francis–s/t–CD
Released by Monochrome Vision, Russia

[1 SEPTEMBER 2009]
New Release
Francisco Lopez & Richard Francis–in de blaauwe hand–CD
Released by Korm Plastics (Brombron), The Netherlands

[18 AUGUST 2009]
New Release
Richard Francis & Clinton Watkins split 7" w/Adam Willets
Released by Dungeon Taxis, New Zealand

Sound Installation
Sonic Museum
Auckland Museum

[25 MARCH - 11 APRIL 2009]
Sound Installation
A Centre For Art, Auckland

[1 JULY 2009]
Collaborative concert
Jason Kahn | Richard Francis
Cross Street Studio, Auckland

[27 FEBRUARY 2009]
Solo and collaborative concert
Bruce Russell | Richard Francis
The Physics Room, Christchurch

[13 FEBRUARY 2009]
Solo concert
St Paul Street Gallery, AUT, Auckland

[23-27 NOVEMBER 2008]
Solo concerts
23.11.08 Toff, Melbourne w. Robbie Avenaim
24.11.08 Gallery De La Catessen, Adelaide w. Pimmon
26.11.08 Exeter, Adelaide
27.11.08 IMA, Brisbane w. Stern/Guerra, xNoBBQx

[22 AUGUST 2008]
Solo concert
Gus Fisher Gallery, University of Auckland

[2 AUGUST 2008]
Collaborative concert
Mark Trayle | Richard Francis
Wine Cellar, Auckland

[26 JULY 2008]
Solo concert
A Centre For Art, Auckland

[13 JULY 2008]
Collaborative concert
Francisco Lopez | Richard Francis
De Affair, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

[8 - 13 JULY 2008]
Francisco Lopez & Richard Francis
Brombron, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

[4 JULY 2008]
Solo concert
Das Kleine Field Recording Festival at Tuned City

[21 JUNE 2008]
Solo concert
Staalplaat Store

[17 - 19 JUNE 2008]
Solo and collaborative concerts
Jason Kahn | Richard Francis
17.06.08 Werkstatt für improvisierte Musik, Zurich
18.06.08 Cave 12, Geneva
19.06.08 Le 102, Grenoble

[25 APRIL 2008]
Solo concert
With Nether Dawn and guests
Wine Cellar, Auckland

[28 MARCH 2008]
Plains concert
Wine Cellar, Auckland

[14 MARCH 2008]
Collaborative concert
Richard Francis | Clinton Watkins
Wine Cellar, Auckland

[22 FEBRUARY 2008]
Solo concert
Vitamin-S | SIC festival of improvised music
Wine Cellar, Auckland

[1 OCTOBER 2007]
New release
Richard Francis | Together alone, together apart

[22 SEPTEMBER 2007]
Solo and collaborative concerts
Jason Kahn | Richard Francis
Gus Fisher Gallery, University of Auckland

[13 SEPTEMBER 2007]
Collaborative concert
Richard Francis | Clinton Watkins
S.C. Cumuna
Wine Cellar, Auckland

[14 JULY 2007]
Plains with film by Michael Morley
AltMusic and Auckland International Film Festival
Kenneth Myers Centre, University of Auckland

[1 MAY 2007]
New release
V/A On Isolation
CD | Room 40

[1 APRIL 2007]
New release
triMIX: Tribyrd Installation Soundtracks Deconstructed
CD/DVD | Innova

[15 MARCH 2007]
Solo concert
With Pateras / Baxter / Brown
Empress Hotel, Melbourne

[6 MARCH 2007]
Solo concert
With Rosy Parlane, David Haines
Wine Cellar, Auckland

[DECEMBER 2006 - JANUARY 2007]
USA and Montreal tour
Concerts in Montreal, Northampton, Boston, New York

[5 OCTOBER - 8 OCTOBER 2006]
Solo concert
Lines of Flight Festival

[1 APRIL 2006]
New release
Richard Francis & Lawrence English
7 inch | no label

[APRIL 2006]
Richard Francis
Antony Milton
Rachel Shearer
Rosy Parlane
Bruce Russell
Curated by Peter Stapleton
Blue Oyster Gallery, Dunedin